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Harassment Continues

On World Mental Health day 2021 (natch), I received an email from an administrator at TuxFamily informing me that Filipe Coelho, David Runge and Nils Hilbrect had sent them a letter threatening legal action if the true and factual account of their multi-year campaign of collusion, deception, harassment, and slander directed at me personally and this project, well as their disrespect and violation of the users and developers of the Linux Audio community, and the free software community in general, was not removed from this site (hosted by TuxFamily).

As a result of these threats from Filipe Ceolho et al and from the TuxFamily administrators, the posts detailing the actions of Filipe Ceolho and his crew have been relocated to alternative hosting.

This post serves to document that this harassment continues to the present day, depite there having been no input or action on my part other than (many months in previous) having published a true and factual account of only some of the abuses perpetrated by the group headed by Filipe Ceolho.

Read these if you care to know the facts of this matter.



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