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System Requirements

Non is so fast that system requirements are practically a moot point.

Basically, if a system has enough CPU to run JACK and play audio without generating xruns, then it can run Non. The only practical limiting factor in Non's performance is the efficiency and number of plugins hosted in Non-Mixer. I've successfully used Non on a 100Mhz i586 laptop with 128 MB of RAM. Others have enjoyed using Non-Sequencer on the meek eeePC. And recently Non-Mixer has been used to build guitar effects pipelines on the $25 Raspberry Pi (~1Ghz, ARM CPU).


Non has minimal external dependencies. To run the entire Non suite, the following libraries are required:

  • libsndfile (Timeline)
  • liblo (all)
  • libsigc++ (Sequencer)
  • liblrdf (Mixer)
  • JACK (Timeline, Mixer, Sequencer)
  • NTK (all)


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License