Non DAW is a non-destructive, non-linear, audio and control data arranger. It supports the recording an playback of unlimited (multi-channel) tracks of audio, along with annotation and control automation (via JACK and OSC). Its advanced journalling project format provides fast performance and robustness while supporting infinite undo levels.

Non Mixer is a stand-alone audio mixer supporting an unlimited number of (multi-channel) strips. It has advanced features for Ambisonics mixing and accepts JACK and OSC control data for automation of effects chains. It is suitable for use both in live performance situations and with a DAW in a studio environment.

Non Sequencer is a real-time, pattern-based JACK MIDI sequencer. It supports editing of patterns during playback (including in the form of an event list), as well as live MIDI triggering of patterns. It will also follow the tempo of the JACK transport.

Non Session Manager is a robust session management API and minimalistic implementation allowing for faster and vastly simplified workflows in Linux audio. Read the API and get to patching your favorite applications!


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