Mix Minus

Where other DAWs/Mixers will have dedicated features and special busses for a particular purpose, Non Mixer is flexible enough to achieve the same results by building on the same simple core concept of the Strip.

Recently I was asked if it was possible to achieve a Mix Minus configuration in Non Mixer for the purpose of recording Skype calls for podcasts. It is, but because the asker had been so indoctrinated by the concept of a mixer having to have a special purpose bus for this, he simply couldn't comprehend that it could be possible to do any other way.

Well, here is a simple example:

Imagine that Other Signal and Other Signal 2 are connected to Skype or what have you, and Vocal is connected to a local microphone (that's probably also connected to the telephony application).

As you can see, I've created to strips [Record] and [Monitor] that act like buses, but they are just ordinary mixer strips. It is merely the way you do the routing that makes them "buses".

The output of the [Record] strip, which includes the signal from the microphone, goes into Non Timeline for recording while the output of the [Monitor] strip is directed to the system output.

While this example may not apply perfectly to your situation, it should be easy to how the mechanism of Strips plus routing can achieve the desired result.

And here's what the connection graph looks like in Patchage:


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