Key Bindings

These keys are in effect when the pattern or phrase editor grid is focused.

Fig. 1. Editor Keybindings
1horizontal zoom out
2horizontal zoom in
3vertical zoom out
4vertical zoom in
fmove to playhead
rselect range as defined by L and R cursors
qselect none
Ccrop to range
Deletedelete selected
Shift-Deleteclear grid
Control-Deletedelete time in range
Control-Insertinsert time
Arrow keysmove viewport
Ctrl-Leftmove to previous note
Ctrl-Rightmove to next note
<move selection left
>move selection right
,move selection up
.move selection down
ttrim length
Spacetoggle transport
Fig. 2. Gloabl keybindings
Alt-pSwitch to pattern editor
Alt-aSwitch to phrase editor
Alt-sSwitch to sequence editor
SpaceToggle transport
HomeLocate transport to frame 0

Other functions are accessible from the menus or the key is otherwise indicated.